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Introducing the new category structure

Learn about the new way that categories will work on Ralli, including some great new features.

We've released a new update to the way categories work!

Now, you can create nested categories in order to better reflect the various departments in your business. Want conversations to be assigned based on what region the customer is in? Now you can. Read on to learn more.

Let's look at an example

Say you're in the automotive industry, and you a car yard in 3 different locations: one in Auckland, one in Wellington, and one in Christchurch.

You could create a top level category for each location, and then create subcategories for your various departments in each location, like so:

Then, you can simply assign users to those subcategories to handle conversations for those departments.

What does it look like to a customer?

When someone starts a chat on your website now (or inside Facebook Messenger), they will get to choose which location they're in, and then choose which department they want to talk to from there:

This will then create a conversation that is automatically assigned to users of the chosen category. How easy is that!

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