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A short guide on structuring your categories on Ralli

How should you best set up your categories so that a customer can talk to the right person at the right time?

Categories on Ralli let your customers choose what they want to talk about before they start a conversation, and conversations are automatically assigned based on that. This way, customers are always talking to the right person in your business.

But how should you structure your categories?

There are many different ways to lay out your category structure, and what you end up going with will probably depend significantly on how your business operates. We're going to explain a few of the most common structures we've seen used to good effect.

Organising by department

For many businesses it probably makes sense to have each category be a separate department, and the employees who work in each department are assigned to handle conversations from the respective category. This option is great for businesses who have divisions like "Sales" or "Service" where employees handle different responsibilities, and where the departments are easily recognizable to customers who are starting a conversation. You ideally want the customer to be able to easily identify what department they want to talk to. If they are unsure whether their query counts as a "Sales" or "Support" question, then this category structure may not be right for your business.

Organising by location

If your business has multiple physical locations that are sharing the same Ralli account, you may want to think about structuring your categories around locations. This works great for businesses where a customer will want to talk to a specific store, such as retail companies with multiple different stores, or car dealerships with more than one yard. If you're thinking about setting up your categories like this, we suggest you structure the top level of your categories as the locations, and then if you want to divide things up further within a location, you could add specific departments as subcategories of each location.

Using categories as prompting questions

If you only have a few users who are going to be responding to customers on Ralli, one good option is to structure the categories as prompts for what the user wants to talk about. For example, if you ran a car yard and wanted to use this option, you could have categories named "I want to test drive a car" and "I want to chat about financing". Then when a customer starts a new conversation, the person in your business who is talking to them already has some idea where this conversation is going to go.

Do you have any other ideas?

We'd love to hear about how you're structuring your categories. Feel free to send us an email at hello@ralli.app.

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