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Tips to Get Started with Ralli

Learn about the best ways to get started with your business on Ralli.

Ralli can help your business easily handle communication with your customers. We make it easy to get chat set up on your website, and we integrate with your Facebook Page to handle incoming messages from there too.

When you first sign up to Ralli, there's a few things you'll probably want to do to get started.

Invite others from your business

Ralli works best when other people from your business to help handle conversations. If you go the "Users" section in the sidebar, you'll be able to invite people to your business, simply by entering their email address. They will then receive an email helping them set up an account within your business. Simple!

Create a category set

Categories are key to the way Ralli works. You can definitely use the platform without them, but the power of Ralli lies in the way categories help assign conversations to users. When people chat with your business on your website or via Facebook, if you have set up categories, they will get to select a category. You can assign users from your business to the categories you create, so that a conversation is started in a particular category, the conversation is automatically assigned to the users you've added to that category.

Setup a chat plugin for your website

If you want to add live chat from Ralli to your website, you can go into the "Messaging channels" section in the sidebar, and from there, you'll be able to create a new chat plugin. You can choose a bunch of different things for your chat plugin such as the greeting shown to people, or the color it appears in on your website. Once you've created the chat plugin, if you created a category set in the last section, you'll be able to assign that category set to the chat plugin if you'd like. That way, people starting conversations on your homepage will get to select a category and will be assigned to the right person to talk to within your business.

Add Ralli to your Facebook Page

Ralli can handle messages to your business's Facebook Page. If you want to setup our Facebook integration, go to the "Messaging channels" section in the sidebar and setup a new page. Click the "Continue with Facebook" button and login to Facebook in the window that pops up, if you aren't already logged in. You can add any page that you are an admin on, and that is not already set up on Ralli. Choose which pages you want to use, and make sure you leave all the permissions selected or Ralli may not work properly. After you've set up you page, you can add a category set to it the same way you did for the website chat plugin.

Contact us any time if you need a hand

We hope these tips helped you get off to the best start on Ralli. If you have any questions or need a hand with anything, feel free to contact us! You can chat to us on our homepage, or email us at hello@ralli.app.